How can we make creative things from waste material? Request 2

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Construction waste is not really a garbage, a little processing, can change fee is treasure, the general construction waste can be used for processing the following two ways.

First transform the demolition of buildings, housing decoration and construction waste generated in road transport to handle, and then, using artificial method of construction waste can be directly recycled material, such as metal materials, wood materials and plastic materials separation, direct supply of the corresponding company for processing. Large pieces of waste concrete in construction waste and waste materials such as brick, marble, the use of large broken hammer or the size of the crusher and crusher can crush, generally is less than 100 mm, and then use stone crusher for crushing to the construction of gravel, sand, and then the mixture with multilayer sizing screen classification into the building standards to the coarse gravel, fine gravel, coarse sand and fine sand, renewable materials such as sand and clay. Production water by activated carbon and reverse osmosis to purify sewage recycle, as well as save water can prevent sewage emissions pollute the environment again. The following concrete from the following points about how the construction waste recycling.

Is abandoned buildings and abandoned brick concrete aggregate production thickness, can be used in the production of the corresponding strength grade of concrete, mortar or preparation, such as block, wall, floor tile and other building materials products. After add weight aggregate curing materials, also can be used for highway pavement base.

The second is to use waste aggregate of brick production, can be used in the production of renewable brick, block, wall, floor tile and other building materials products.

Three is waste residue can be used in road construction, fillers, pile foundation and so on.

Four is to scrap wood kind of construction waste

Wood, have not obvious damage can be directly used for reconstruction of building again, seriously damaged the wooden components can be used as the regeneration of wooden plate of raw materials or paper.

5 it is abandoned pavement asphalt mixture can be directly used for regeneration in certain proportion of asphalt concrete.

Six is waste road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate to make recycled concrete. <a href=""; title="ecwhen" name="ecwhen">ecwhen</a>

Seven is scrap steel, scrap steel and other metal scrap materials can be reused or recycled directly processing.
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"How can we make creative things from waste material?"



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